New & Used Tyres in Sydney

Milperra Tyre Service knows where to buy New tyres at the right price after 26 years in business.


Every Used Tyre is inspected by my son on sidewalls of tyre and also tread, and then tyre is fitted to rim, filled with air, and then immersed in a tub of water below water level to establish that tyre has no leaks.

So we guarantee every tyre for replacement after above checks.

We buy slightly used tyres for our customers with the best available tread and with the best brands that work in rain. Please ring 97924065

Every customer gets  :-

  • Free Fitting of tyre to rim.
  • Free Disposal of your worn out old tyres. Other tyre companies charge for disposal of tyres.
  • Free Supply and fit new valves.
  • Free We use an air operated orbital wire brush to clean bead area on rim where tyre sits.
  • Free Black sealer on rim bead area if it is corroded.
  • Free Wheel balances.
  • Free Wheel weights.
  • Free rotation and rebalance of your wheels and   tyres  every 6 months for life of tyre, which is normally 4 to 5 years.

You will get an extra 6,000 kilometres approx on tyres after doing the above and so stop premature wearing of the shoulders of front tyres.

Every second hand tyre has the depth of tread in millimetres written in white tyre chalk on the tyre so you know how much tread you are getting.


Our rating with Google is 5 out of 5.

Our rating with e-Bay is “100% positive feedback”.

573 excellent reports have been received from our customers who bought 2292 checked second hand wheels.

3000 used alloy wheels are still available for sale, every wheel is run on the wheel balancer to make sure that wheels are not bent.  All the wheels are washed and polished ready for sale.

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