Looking for cheap tyres in Hurstville? Milperra Tyre Service is the best place to find cheap tyres in Hurstville whether shopping for new or used tyres. Milperra Tyre Service has been providing quality maintenance and tyres to our customers for over 20 years. We are a family owned business that is dedicated to providing high quality tyres at a low price with a level of customer service that can’t be matched by other shops. We offer a wide selection of tyres and alloy wheels and are open 7 days a week for our customer’s convenience.

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Replacing old tyres is vital to maintaining a vehicles quality. Whether thinking about safety or gas mileage, worn out tyres can cause a variety of problems. Drivers should make sure the tyres on their vehicle still have enough tread left to make a good connection with the road. The amount of tread left on a tyre has a direct effect on gas mileage, stopping time and the comfort level of the ride. At Milperra Tyre Service our representatives are trained to help our customers find cheap tyres in Hurstville that offer the maximum amount of safety and performance at the best price in the city.

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Milperra Tyre Service has a selection of over 5,000 new tyres and over 20,000 used tyres at our Bankstown location. We offer tyres in all the most popular brands including Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Continental, Radial & Kumho tyres. Customers can find cheap tyres whether driving a car, 4WD, SUV or light truck. Our selection includes tyres in almost every necessary model and size. We also offer quality used alloy wheels for customers that need a total wheel replacement. Cheap tyres in Hurstville have never been easier to find and Milperra Tyre Service has the cheapest tyres and the best service available in the city. We’ll even install any full set of tyres purchased at our shop free of charge.

Milperra Tyre Service is open 7 days a week and we have knowledgeable employees that are ready to answer any questions about performance and maintenance when it comes to tyres. Customers can browse through our stock of new and used tyres online if they can’t make it to our location in Hurstville. We also offer shipping throughout Australia so feel free to shop online and call our staff with any questions. Get cheap tyres in Hurstville at Milperra Tyre Service. Check out our current stock online or contact us for a quote.

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